There’s only one word that comes to mind when I look at this new Air Jordan 1 collaboration: bizarre.

(It’s a compliment.)

I have yet to own any Jordans and aside from a few colorways here and there that have come out, I’ve only ever been interested in the Air Jordan 1’s. While I’m mostly a Banned/Bred man myself, the Chicago colorway is very close in appeal — I’m a sucker for a black / red / white colorway.

I’ve felt spellbound, completely enamored with this weird-ass shoe.

So when I first saw this off-kilter collaboration between designer Virgil Abloh‘s OFF-WHITE brand and Jordan brand, I was intrigued. Since then I’ve felt spellbound, completely enamored with this weird-ass shoe. But it’s weird in a kind of good way. These Jordans look as if someone accidentally walked out of Nike HQ wearing a prototype. It’s intentionally messy, an incomplete vision of a work-in-progress. I love the attention to detail, from the ‘stitched’ Swoosh logo practically spilling out of its frame to the tastefully hidden “85” call out under the Wings. I even like the “AIR” label on the midsole, although I could do without the rest of the odd quotations peppered throughout the design.

There’s just something mesmerizing about these shoes. I feel like I could stare at them for days. I want to do my best Indiana Jones impression: go through shit to get this rare artifact and, instead of enjoy it for myself, just preserve it for the sake of historical appreciation so I can sleep easy at night.

You get the jist of it. I want it. It’s on The Want List.

Drop Date: September 1st

Retail Price: $190

Source: Hypebeast, SneakerNews


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August 9, 2017

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