I love custom sneakers. Or rather, I love the idea of custom sneakers. In execution, a lot of modded kicks leave much to be desired. It’s just like giving someone a Civic with a huge aftermarket of spoilers, body kits, rims… people usually end up building a fugly Frankenstein too ridiculous even for the apes behind Tokyo Drift.

But when a mod is done well — man, does it look fresh.

nike mag 2016
Nike MAG (2016)

Shout-out to Redditor ‘brocksterrr’ over on r/Sneakers. He ordered himself a NikeID-customized pair of “Marty McFly” Sock Darts inspired by the film ‘Back To The Future’ and the colorway of the film’s power-lacing Nike Mags (pictured right). The result is a creative vision well-executed — I love the grey base, orange lining, and for once I actually can dig a speckle effect on a pair of sneakers. The Sock Dart feels like the perfect silhouette to be a ‘faux-future’ shoe — a wacky, hyper-stylized pair of kicks that stand out by their nature.

The one reservation of this mod, and the Sock Dart silhouette in general, is the strap. It’s a little unsightly and very polarizing. A lot of Redditors confirmed that, many commenting that the mod would look way better without a strap. So, ‘brocksterrr’ took a risk and did a little DIY work on the notorious strap, transforming it into a very unique lacing system. He also has great taste in laces, picking a complementary orange pair.

brocksterrr marty mcfly nike sock dart before
The Sock Darts with the straps 👎 | Credit: u/brocksterrr

All in all, props to this dope custom creation inspired by a classic film.

Source: Reddit, Reddit

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August 7, 2017

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