So, what is Kicks & Keychains?

To be honest, I am not fully certain yet. I know it’s a blog that I never would have planned to write. I know that it’s a personal challenge for me.

Why? Well this is a lifestyle blog all about the connection between what you like and what you wear. Until recently, I didn’t put much thought into either of those things. I’m not the type of person who has a curated look, shops the latest trends, or keeps up to date with seasonal releases. I am style-allergic, or perhaps style-wary.

Dressing well stresses me out.

Dressing well stresses me out, mostly because I never think I dress as well as I could. In recent weeks, I have realized the core of why I think I have such little grasp on what style works for me. It’s all about self-confidence and owning what you like.

For me, I think that means putting myself out there more. Declaring what I like and not being afraid of what others may think. Hence, I spontaneously decided to start this blog less than 24 hours ago. I want to take on the challenge. I do not want to fear putting out a bad product or fear being judged for my tastes. I have always lived my life abiding by the mantra “to each their own”. But I have never actually practiced what I preached. I’m ready to attempt that.

Kicks & Keychains is a personal moonshot.

Kicks & Keychains is a personal moonshot, an attempt to do what I did not think was possible until recently: to share with the world exactly what I like and why I like it. That includes kicks (aka sneakers) and keychains (yes, keychains), two hobbies I have gained a lot of appreciation for in my life. I also may dabble into a few other hobbies, like technology and some DIY creative stuff I like to make every once in a while.

In the end, I hope I can look back on this project and be proud of my effort to better express myself. That’s what this is all about. I hope the journey is worth your while, and you find your own ‘kicks and keychains’ to geek out over and share with the world.

July 31, 2017

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