Last weekend, X and I made a trip to the Arts District of Los Angeles to visit Beyond The Streets. The massive exhibit redefines what you might think ‘street art’ actually means. X is well aware of my growing interest in street culture since working in part of the industry, so we made a day out of it.

The mixed media exhibit is freaking huge, spanning 40,000 square feet. The industrial space speaks to the natural setting of these works. Plus, Beyond the Streets’ size alone exemplifies the expansive footprint of street culture. Work highlighted ranges from recognized artists Jean-Michel Basquiat and Takashi Murakami to less common names like FAILE, DABSMYLA, Slick, Risk, Randall Harrington and more.

Street graffiti, neon signs, bodega shutters, a room filled with items made entirely of cardboard… the selection is really something to behold.

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I highly recommend visiting Beyond The Streets in the Arts District area. The exhibit runs until July 6th. Enjoy the photos and learn more here:

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May 26, 2018

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